Rockridge remodel

This client originally hired me to help them get a permit to relocate their front door, but as we got to know each other and the house, the project turned into a complete top to bottom remodel with many fun and creative details.

The owners were downsizing from a much larger house so they were invested in designing carefully to maximize the storage and utility of every small corner. We designed cabinets with secret compartments, cabinet doors with picture frames, and angled shelving to make use of all of the space. The main hallway got monkey bars to keep the family fit and to add another layer of structure.

The creativity of local metalworkers Melissa MacDonald and Shawn Lovell were critical to the design, as were the many locally fabricated light fixtures by Metrolighting and Coe lighting. Sabina Frank fabricated the colorful stained glass the helps with privacy on a tight urban lot. The steel bed that complements the stained glass was built by Frank Trousil, Architectural Metalworks. Cabinetry by Shada and Martin Lee. 

General Contractor- Canivet Construction  & McBride Construction